Coaching for Cycling

Métier coaches consult with and train athletes at every level in the sport of cycling and triathlon. We understand the demands and details associated with training because we were professional athletes before we became professional coaches. Now our focus has turned to using our experience to help our clients become the best they can be.

Personal Training

The Métier approach to strength and conditioning is simple: create practical and measurable training protocols that prepare clients to meet the demands of life and sport. We don’t apply to one specific training methodology and we don’t assume you’re like everyone else. The first step with any new client is a discussion about past and present exercise/health history and objectives followed by a Functional Movement Screen that will help us identify weak links and compensations in your movement change. The next step is to start moving.

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Training Space Memberships

Métier training membership offers three unique qualities: a beautiful environment, personal attention from coaches, and a humble yet competitive culture. It’s intended to be a training home for people who value a focus on quality and betterment. Our studios are uncrowded spaces that hold simple movement tools.

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Physio Lab

We have been evaluating endurance athletes since 1998 with great success and we’ve refined our physiological assessment process to give you the best possible information to guide your training. We offer our clients the Z.A.P: “Zone Assessment Protocol”.

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