A bike shop, a training space, a rocking café creates a Métier culture that is clearly unique.

Being unique means doing things that few others have done before, and learning through action.

The top 3 things we’ve learned of what makes your membership at Métier unique

1. We do personal training really well.
The program is led by Todd, with years of pro-level experience competing, training, and managing programs.

2. We keep it small and simple.
The studio spaces will never be crowded with too many people or large machines. The membership stays small and we focus only on the simplest and most effective tools.

3. We focus on the long-term goal
of becoming more independent in your own training routine. We teach for and encourage indie training using the open studio space. That’s training to make life easier, not harder.

We have a few group classes to support personal training and the goal towards more indie training. We keep 1 class for each of our 4 core modes of training: suspension training with Redcord, bodyweight, kettlebells, and breathing – Foundation Training.


That’s it. That’s how we stay unique, quality, and productive.


The short version is:

“Métier is a personal training studio that provides the tools and inspiration for developing independence in true performance.”

We call the mission vrai, true performance

true performance is a sharper definition of goals.

It’s meeting and exceeding the demands of your responsibilities everyday – whether physical, intellectual, spiritual, or social.

Whatever you choose to make important, developing independence in movement and nutrition is essential to those goals.

We’ll provide the space, tools, coaches, and relationships to support that mission.


Offering this experience to every member is the goal. Is it working for you? The coaches are easy to reach, please keep in-touch.