The best choice for optimal nutrition and an awesome lifestyle will always be wholesome and close-to-the-source (“sourceful”) food.

That’s food like: clean meats, local eggs, fresh vegetables and fruit.

Unfortunately, the world isn’t always set-up to support that. Wholesome, sourceful food isn’t easily accessible or work constraints make those options unrealistic. This is especially true for people wanting to challenge their limits of strength and activity.

Under those common nutrition stressors, supplementing with protein powder can be a smart and enjoyable next-best option.

Our menu is set-up to support smart, realistic, and enjoyable nutrition; with a few delicious protein-powder smoothie recipes, for example. Of the overabundance of protein powders to choose from, discriminating quality is required.

We chose Genuine Health Fermented Vegan Protein for three main reasons:

  1. Ingredients
  2. Fermentation
  3. Brand

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1) Ingredients

Robust: A variety of protein sources for a more robust amino acid profile, including the argued best for bioavailability and digestion: pea, brown rice, and hemp protein. All are complete proteins containing all 9 essential amino acids.

No excess: Unflavored with 0 sweeteners, neither artificial nor less-artificial; gluten-free and non-GMO.

Bonus: All ingredients are plant-based with no animal sources. It’s not well-established that an absolute-vegan diet is healthier either for you or your ecosystem. It is clear, though, that minimal animal-based foods is healthier for both, when complete nutrition isn’t compromised. This plant-based protein offers bioavailable nutrition comparable to whey powders.

Potent: 1 vegan protein smoothie = 20g protein


2) Fermentation

While advertising for fermentation and its benefits may be relatively new, the process itself is not. Fermentation occurs daily in the wild and in human bodies. It’s an essential component to health and peak performance.

Fermentation is a process of using bacteria to convert a carbohydrate – usually sugar – into either an alcohol or lactic acid.

Most importantly for nutrition, that process also supports growth of probiotics.

Bacteria: Bacteria come in forms that are both helpful and harmful. Probiotics are helpful bacteria that are essential to health and performance.

Probiotics are essential for:

  • smooth and complete food digestion, including reducing anti-nutrients
  • peak immune functioning
  • minimizing inflammation
  • balancing the human body’s microbial garden of helpful bacteria

Balance is key: when helpful bacteria flourish, destructive bacteria are given less room to grow.

The headline: Fermented foods add a reliable source of probiotics, essential for peak performance and making food more easily and completely digestible.


 3) Brand

Genuine Health is a Canadian brand that tests and 3rd party verifies their products according to Canadian standards. The brand and product is endorsed and recommended by Precision Nutrition, our most trusted source of the latest evidence-based nutrition information.

They’re also a certified B Corp: they voluntarily adhere to the highest standards in verified ecosystem health performance. The founder’s vison: “leave the planet better than coming in”. More bonus.

Are you interested in nutrition?

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