I’ve been using Redcord, teaching Redcord in group classes and in one on one settings for many years and in my opinion it’s one of the most effective training modalities available today. That said, I have answered the “so what is Redcord?” question at least 100 times. So here it is: Redcord comes from Norway, It’s suspension training that uses a combination of ropes, slings and your own bodyweight to create an unstable base of support during a workout. The Redcord exercises are a powerful stimulus for your body’s deep stabilizing musculature and ties into our belief that movement is a full integration of many of your bodies systems working together.

Amazing right? So why wouldn’t someone looking for improved general strength for increased performance (at any level) want to partake? I ask people this question all the time and the response is consistent, “I’ve never hear of it.” And this is why I expose every training client I work with – regardless of athletic pursuit, to Redcord and why I have been putting Redcord classes on our class calendar for so many years. I don’t believe it’s the only thing you should do but I do believe that it will truly compliment everything else you do.

I found out about Redcord from Brent Bookwalter in 2010. We were working together at the time and he sent me a picture of some red ropes hanging form a doorway in a hotel room and said I had to check “it” out. I’d never seen that set-up before and I thought I’d seen every conditioning tool on the planet up to that point. Turns out it was Cadel (Evans) who was using it for pre-race muscle activation and from there I was sold. It was called “Redcord”. The problem was that it wasn’t easy to find in the US. You could and still can only get it from one place in the US, Redcord USA out in Princeton, NJ. And at the time there were no instructor classes or continuing ed courses available. So LONG story short, I called them up, booked a flight, and headed East to get the low down on the theory and various uses AND some equipment so I could start using it myself and ultimately with clients and in classes- at that time there were no studios teaching to tap for info. I spent four days with the physical therapy group that is Redcord USA and the rest is history.

If you’re looking for something that really works then look no further, suspension training with Redcord is it.

I hope to see you in class soon!