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Metier Tees

Metier Classic Logo Tee
The Métier Classic Logo Tee is our go-to for casual everyday wear. It rocks the Métier logo on the chest along with our tagline 'Godspeed the Rider' which is our way of saying 'Good Luck'. It's also QUITE soft :)
Metier Long Sleeve Performance Shirt
The Long Sleeve Performance Shirt features a Métier logo across the chest along with our tagline 'Godspeed the Rider' meaning 'Good Luck'. This tee is made of a silky smooth performance fabric; great for off the bike and working out in the gym. The fabric also has moisture-wicking properties as well as fantastic temperature regulation keeping you warm or cool whenever you need it.
Metier Stab The Beast Tee
'Stab The Beast' is our way of saying 'give it your all'. Whether embarking on a race, gran-Fondo, training ride, or workout, that activity is what we call 'THE BEAST'. This tee not only embodies that mindset but is also suuuuper soft. So get out there and STAB THE BEAST!
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