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Metier Jerseys

Metier MCC Q36.5 L1 Essential Metier Vest
2021 Metier Cycling Club kit vest The Q36.5 gilet eliminates the distinction between the two categories with a hybrid 4-season 137g piece of equipment. This is achieved primarily through the use of the UFHybridShell material, a thermal ribbed fleece material which, while constructed without a membrane (which would confer wind or waterproofing qualities) is woven, on its outer side, with such an extraordinarily high density so as to create a wind resistance comparable to that of a traditional soft shell fabric, while maintaining a high degree of breathability.
Metier Men's MCC Q36.5 R2 Y Jersey
2021 Metier Cycling Club kits jersey After careful studies both in the areas of body mapping and aerodynamics, Q36.5's new raglan is designed using a combination of different fabrics strategically placed resulting in a new look and offering all the benefits of detailed research. The sleeves are made with a lightly ribbed fabric while the front panel is a micro perforated fabric and there is a honeycomb mesh on the back. All together, this innovative combination makes the Jersey R2 very light (110gr) and very breathable.
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