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Metier Branded

Metier Ass Saver
-Keeps your butt dry on wet roads -New patented FLIP-TIP™ attachment system -Easy to fit, requires no tools -Fits every standard rail saddle, also with carbon rails. -Suitable for tire widths between 23-35 mm
Metier Classic Logo Tee
The Métier Classic Logo Tee is our go-to for casual everyday wear. It rocks the Métier logo on the chest along with our tagline 'Godspeed the Rider' which is our way of saying 'Good Luck'. It's also QUITE soft :)
Metier MCC Q36.5 L1 Essential Metier Vest
2021 Metier Cycling Club kit vest The Q36.5 gilet eliminates the distinction between the two categories with a hybrid 4-season 137g piece of equipment. This is achieved primarily through the use of the UFHybridShell material, a thermal ribbed fleece material which, while constructed without a membrane (which would confer wind or waterproofing qualities) is woven, on its outer side, with such an extraordinarily high density so as to create a wind resistance comparable to that of a traditional soft shell fabric, while maintaining a high degree of breathability.
Metier Men's MCC Q36.5 Gregarius Ultra Metier Bib Short
* PRE-ORDER NOW* 2021 Metier Cycling Club kits will be available for in-store pickup or shipping in early June. The Gregarius Ultra Bib shorts are the ultimate all-rounder Salopette by using the new UF Knit44 ECO, adding Q36.5's new SM-Anatomic chamois and sartorial construction.
Metier Men's MCC Q36.5 R2 Y Jersey
2021 Metier Cycling Club kits jersey After careful studies both in the areas of body mapping and aerodynamics, Q36.5's new raglan is designed using a combination of different fabrics strategically placed resulting in a new look and offering all the benefits of detailed research. The sleeves are made with a lightly ribbed fabric while the front panel is a micro perforated fabric and there is a honeycomb mesh on the back. All together, this innovative combination makes the Jersey R2 very light (110gr) and very breathable.
Metier Métier Champion Hoodie
Using white ink on a dark navy Champion hoodie, these sweaters sport prints on the chest and sleeves. Up front is a Métier torch logo. The sleeves feature our two favorite things: Racing & Coffee. The backside features our classic Métier logo over top "Seattle, WA." -90% cotton/10% polyester Champion fleece
Metier Stab the Beast Beanie
This super-soft beanie features a unique waffle knit structure and a premium 'Stab the Beast' patch. 'Stab The Beast' is our way of saying 'give it your all'. Whether embarking on a race, gran-Fondo, training ride, or workout, that activity is what we call 'THE BEAST. So get out there and STAB THE BEAST!
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