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Floor Pumps

Specialized Air Tool Sport Floor Pump
Specialized's Air Tool Sport Floor Pump boasts all-steel construction, durable internals, a long hose, a sturdy handle and a three-sided base for easy pumping and excellent stability. You also get Specialized's SwitchHitter head that automatically adapts to fit Presta and Schrader valves, and an easy-to-read, 2-inch gauge to make dialing in the right pressure a breeze.
Silca Pista Floor Pump - Red
Since 1917, Silca has been the global leader in high-performance pumps for cycling. The Pista Floor Pump embodies that heritage. A high-performance, durable, compact floor pump that easily reaches all tire pressure requirements while being small enough to live in the trunk of your car or hang/stand flat against the wall, taking up minimal space. European pro mechanics prefer this pump because of its flat profile which makes it easy to store and the pump that cyclists around the world purchase with confidence that it will be the last floor pump they will ever buy. Features/Specifications: - Durable/high strength steel barrel - Compact Ash wood handle with hose guides - High-efficiency Silca leather piston assembly - Brass valve assembly - Long filler hose with integrated Shrader chuck - Push on alloy Presta chuck with bleeder valve - Rated up to 220psi
Silca Pista Plus Floor Pump
This generation of Pista Plus retains all of the performance and components that have made it Silca's top-selling floor pump since it was launched in 1962, plus a few new design innovations that cyclists will cherish. This is a pump for the passionate cyclist that is looking for the same great performance from the Pista Floor Pump combined with the greater stability of their Superpista Ultimate Floor Pump. Features/Specifications: - Durable, high-strength steel barrel - Full-size lathe-turned Ash wood handle with hose guide - High-efficiency Silca leather piston assembly - Brass air bridge and check-valve assembly - Accurate to within 2%, heavy-duty 2.5" (64mm) gauge rated to 220psi - Integrated Schrader chuck plus press-on alloy Presta chuck with Bleeder valve
Silca Superpista Ultimate Floor Pump
• Beautiful and durable US manufactured highest quality pump • Aluminum barrel and base platform with magnetic chuck dock is complemented with an ergonomic rosewood handle • High pressure, smooth bore PTFE lined hose; over-braided in stainless steel, then over-extruded in protective and beautiful red urethane • Guage that is rated for +/-1 percent accuracy • Includes a Presta/Schrader rotating head • Fully serviceable pump design for heirloom longevity
Silca Viaggio Travel Pump
The Viaggio Travel Pump is a compact travel pump that is collapsible and equipped with a Bluetooth® enabled pressure gauge accurate to within 1% with Silca's award-winning Hiro chuck. The pump folds into a waxed canvas tool roll for easy transport. This is for the uncompromising cyclist seeking to have a highly portable and packable floor pump that desires the volume, efficiency, and accuracy of a full-sized floor pump. Features/Specifications: - iGauge compatible Bluetooth® enable pressure sensor - Premium 731 leather piston gasket - Brass check valve assembly - Detachable handle and folding feet for support - Schrader chuck and Hiro locking Presta chuck with a magnetic dock - Weight: 2.95lbs/1.34kg, Length: 57cm, Max PSI: 220
Pro Competition Floorpump
The Pro Competition floorpump features a durable steel barrel and base and an ergonomic wooden handle. - Presta and Schrader compatible - Snaplock EZ head
Pro Team HP Floorpump
The Pro Team HP floorpump is ideal for higher-pressure tires like road and track. It features a durable alloy barrel, an easy-to-read gauge, and a classy wooden handle. - Presta and Schrader valve compatible - Industrial gauge - Snaplock EZ head
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