Gifts that keep on giving. Here’s our list of must-haves for your beloved cyclist.

From $75-$150

Silca Pista Pump

Silca HX-One or Ypsilon home tool set in wooden box

NiteRider Front and Rear light combo pack

Oakley Frogskins

From $200+

7mesh Oro Jacket

Wahoo Elemnt Cycling GPS

Omata One Cycling GPS

Assos EquipeRS Rain Jacket

POC Aspire Clarity Sunglasses

Oakley ARO 5 Helmet

From $35-$75

Dynaplug Racer Kit

Spur Cycle Bells

Silca Ypsilon Y-Wrench and Bit Driver Set

Silca HX-Two or HX-Three tool sets

Silca Borsa Americano handmade tool wallet

FingersCrossed cycling socks

Cyclist wearing So Nice socks with white shoes