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Nutrition Coaching

What is Nutrition Coaching?

When you’re consistently eating right, sleeping right, training right… you’ll be performing at the top of your game. What does “eating right” mean for your body and lifestyle? Add nutrition coaching to your training program and we’ll learn exactly what your body needs to perform its best, from calories to macros to nutrient timing. 

Precision Nutrition is the home of the world's top coaches in nutrition science and behavior change psychology, educating and certifying professionals since 2005. Training is led by Métier Nutrition Coach, Mary Hable.

Initial Food Journal Review


One-time fee

PN app account

Comprehensive intake questionnaire

Photo food journaling

Recommendations on nutrition programming and actionable next steps

On-Going Monthly Program

$150 - $400

per month

Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly one-on-one check-ins

Collaboration on a detailed nutritional roadmap to your performance/body change goals

Specific, actionable weekly targets

Progress measurements

On-going chat communication through the app between check-ins


You can email: or just call us at (206) 816-3436.