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About Us

We are: Competitors, Innovators, Trainers, Coaches, Mechanics, Believers.

Métier is a bicycle shop, training space and community hub steeped in the rich culture of cycling. It’s an environment built for those who believe as we do:  cycling connects us, challenges us and makes our lives better.

Our Mission

We are committed to providing you a best in class service experience, whether it be on our sales floor helping you decide on your dream bike, in the service course or in our training space helping you to realize the rider/athlete you are capable of becoming, we are ALL IN.

The Metier Torch


The torch represents our ideals as athletes, as mentors, as people. It serves as our guiding light to harbor an atmosphere and community that is dedicated to a passion for better.

Our Anthem

Métier. Pronounced [meh-tee-AY] Literally defined as, “one’s calling”. 

Bicycle culture is our calling. 

It encapsulates a spacial way of life that inspires us everyday, 

Cycling brings us together, tests our limits, clears our minds and makes us better. 

A dedication to the details, a love of the stories and joy in the endeavor. 

We are Métier. Godspeed the rider.

Meet the team

Todd Herriott bio image
Todd Herriott CSCS

Founder | CEO | Head of Performance and Bike Fitting 

Ted Schartz bio image
Ted Schwartz

General Manager | Master Tech 

Andrew Severson bio image
Andrew Severson

Service Manager 

Nate Chappelle bio image
Nate Chappelle

Retail | Marketing 

Cody Maynor bio image
Cody Maynor

Retail Lead | Band Teacher

Bobby Cata bio image
Bobby Cata

Service Technician | Photographer

Josh Buehner bio image
Josh Buehner

Retail Lead | Special Events 

Benjamin Clarke bio image
Benjamin Clarke

eCom & Digital Marketing Specialist | Financial Analyst | Triathlete

Cody Maynor bio image
Sarah Hanger

Online Sales & Marketing

Josh Buehner bio image
Derek Wilkerson

Performance Coach / Retul Bike Fitter

Performance consultants

Michael Norton bio image
Michael Norton, MS, CSCS

Coach | Performance & Nutritional Data  Analyst | Former Pro Cyclist

Mike Sayers bio image
Michael Sayers

Coach | Former USA Cycling National Team Coach | Former Pro Cyclist

Josh Buehner bio image
Mary Hable

Nutrition & Performance Coach | Curriculum Writer at Precision Nutrition

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Find your dream bike today and visit us for a test ride. We'll ensure that you're on the right bike to meet your needs and the right frame size for a comfortable, safe cycling experience.